Some developments around the four horse-techs of the platform-pocalypse. Plus, a Section 230 check in, ad updates, and some ideas to steal.
Search has suddenly gotten very interesting thanks to Microsoft and Google's scramble to respond.
What can we learn from Big Tech's mixed reports? AI will save us! Plus a whole bunch of new toys and ideas for marketers to play with.
Your brand is more than a logo, but you don't get to decide how much more.
According to Google Docs auto-summary: This is a big one. Google is going to be a big player in the AI space. And it's going to be a big one. (Seems…
How to turn your brand into a movement. Or at least make your marketing conversations more interesting this year.
The Instagram hustle, pulling back the TikTok curtain, other tech giants, robots! & more!
Microsoft and Meta are making moves for 2023 and France is fining everybody.
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