Some developments around the four horse-techs of the platform-pocalypse. Plus, a Section 230 check in, ad updates, and some ideas to steal.

February 2023

What can we learn from Big Tech's mixed reports? AI will save us! Plus a whole bunch of new toys and ideas for marketers to play with.
According to Google Docs auto-summary: This is a big one. Google is going to be a big player in the AI space. And it's going to be a big one. (Seems…

January 2023

The Instagram hustle, pulling back the TikTok curtain, other tech giants, robots! & more!
Microsoft and Meta are making moves for 2023 and France is fining everybody.
Two weeeks of news and opinions, just what you need to start 2023. Has your Meta Ad Account been hacked?

December 2022

Why you should aim for demand over supply. A not-so-Merry Christmas for Meta. Plus some headline-like stuff if you like marketing and market news-like…
It is projected to both flourish and fail. Plus a bunch of other stuff if you like marketing and market news-like things.
Stay ahead of the game with the latest ad targeting options on Pinterest and Facebook. Plus, headlines. And goblin mode.
This issue feels light. So either my internal curation filter is getting stricter. Or the holiday slowdown is upon us. I have a lot of pieces I want to…

November 2022

There can only be one, metaverse that is. Computer chips are rather important. And more tips, trends, and headlines.
And other trends I'm watching like: data handling, crumbling cookies, and splintering search.